Monday, May 10, 2010

What's Dangerous and What's Funny?

Hmmm another blog. Some would say I need that like crumbs in the bed and a hole in the head.

So what's this one supposed to be about? Weeeelll I just wanted somewhere to post up stuff I think is funny. Sometimes it will be just random funny stuff from the net. Other times it will be my hopefully amusing funny shit. Oh - and those people who had already taken the names 'funnyshit' and 'funnyshite', may your short and curlies be infested with leprous crabs.

Now what is dangerous about something being funny and vice versa? I read a piece one time about a driver who was made laugh so hard while drinking and driving that he snorted beer through his nose all over the dashboard and then while trying to wipe it up, ran off the road, crashing the car.

I thought it was funny. So that's probably given you an bit of an idea of my sense of humour.


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